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For those who are serious about eliminating debt

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How it Works

Web & Mobile software with proprietary algorithm + customized plan + step-by-step education.

The Result: Get out of debt 50% faster


1) Setup Your Account

Start with your laptop. Setup your plan by syncing your bank accounts, create a budget, plan for debt, investments, insurance, etc. Then track and analyze from the WizeFi mobile app.

Completion Time: ~30 min


Financially Organized

Custom Plan


2) Complete the Course

Debt Freedom in Half the Time is a self-paced course which offers over 200 step-by-step strategies to optimize your money and pay off debt quickly.

Completion Time: ~30 min


Save on monthly expenses

Pay off debt quicker

Earn more income


3) Refine Your Strategies

Utilize WizeFi's insights and machine learning to track your progress and adjust your plan to get out of debt even faster.

Completion Time: Until debt is $0.


Customized Insights

Debt Freedom

Financial Freedom

WizeFi push button solution

The Catch...

If you're looking for a push button solution, WizeFi is NOT that. We don't promise a simple solution, we promise a VERY effective solution...and we've proven it (Hear from our users below).


"Since starting WizeFi, I've been able to eliminate my debt, increase my net worth by 20%, and decrease my financial freedom date by 25 years."

- Adrian

"I did Financial Peace University, but WizeFi is the next level to 10x my progress."

- Maralina

"I was using Quicken, but this [WizeFi] is a million times better."

- Anthony

"I was able to cut out 2 streaming services and subscriptions. I was also able to pay off $800 of debt last week."

- Marylin


A WizeFi membership is $9/month which includes the web and mobile app, debt pay-off course, and access to the WizeFi community!


Let's get your debt to $0 ASAP.