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About Us

Our Mission

We started WizeFi to give everyone the most effective wealth-building system, but our true mission runs deeper. WizeFi is on a mission to create a new generation of people who are able to reach sustainable wealth and live their ideal lifestyle.


Building sustainable wealth isn't difficult, you just need to make the most of the money you currently have. WizeFi combines our software and education to show you the smartest way to spend your money each month in order to maximize your future net worth potential.


We believe everybody should understand their financial products, technology, and future. In a world of unlimited financial choices, WizeFi will show you the most effective path.

of American households live paycheck to paycheck
Average American household carries
in debt
of Americans have no retirement savings

* 2017 report from MarketWatch

* According to the Federal Reserve

* GoBanking Rates survey

The History of WizeFi

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Our Leadership

Sean Allen

Founder & CEO

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Jeff Foster


Jonathan Allen

Director of Product Dev.

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