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WizeFi University contains a proprietary and self-paced comprehensive education system to help you become financially independent and achieve peace of mind.



Subscribing to WizeFi will answer many of the questions you have about your finances, but there are some situations where collaborating with a financial professional is necessary. WizeFi will help you find someone reputable and trustworthy in your area.



WizeFi's powerful algorithm will provide a customized financial plan that shows where to put your money each month. You'll get to see your future wealth potential following the WizeFi plan compared to your wealth potential if you continue doing what you're doing now.



Get all the perks of financial technology without having to worry about a data breach. WizeFi keeps the information you enter safe by using 126-bit encryption.

Plus, WizeFi doesn't connect to your bank, so there is never a risk of compromising your accounts. 



When you sign up for WizeFi, you also have the ability to receive an affiliate link. This means you can earn money by sharing WizeFi.



If you have a specific question about your personal financial situation or get stuck while setting up your account, we're always just a click away. 



Join others who are also embarking on the WizeFi wealth-building journey. Share your accomplishments, get help from seasoned WizeFi users and find an understanding community when wealth-building gets tough.



We're always adding new educational content that answers all your financial questions. With a WizeFi membership, you get an all-access pass to our ever-growing personal financial library.

All features, one price.

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Looking for answers? We have them listed below.

Does WizeFi offer a free trial?

Yes. WizeFi offers access to a 30-day free trial through our affiliates. In order to gain access, sign up with a WizeFi affiliate link. 

Check social media for WizeFi members sharing their affiliate links. 

What if I don't know anything about personal finance?

That's okay! WizeFi's software is customized to you and provides with a step-by-step program to show you the smartest way to spend your money each month. We even show you how it works and why it's important. If you get stuck, we have an in-app messenger, a help center, and resource articles. We know finances can be overwhelming, that's why we made WizeFi to help from the most novice of users to the elite.

Is my financial information secure?

When it comes to your personal information, security is paramount. That’s why we at WizeFi have taken great care to ensure your data is secure on your device, in transit, and on our servers.


For more information about our serious security, you can read this article written by our CTO.

How does WizeFi make money?

WizeFi's main source of income comes from our user's monthly subscription payments. We may also include affiliate links within some of our resource hub articles.


WizeFi does not collect revenue from data aggregation, the sale of user data, or from promoting our users to open new bank accounts. This ensures unbiased opinions in our content and software. 

How does the WizeFi affiliate program work?

To participate in the WizeFi affiliate program, you can claim your affiliate link after subscribing to the software. When you share your link and a new user clicks it to sign up, you will receive a percentage of that user's subscription fee. The WizeFi affiliate program is multi-tiered, meaning that you also get commissions for anyone your affiliates sign up. To learn more, check out this video.


Participating in the WizeFi affiliate program is not required to use the WizeFi software.

Will WizeFi tell me where to invest?

No. WizeFi will show you when to invest. and how much to invest in the accounts you include in order to maximize your future wealth potential. Specific investment advice is planned to be included in later versions of the software. 

In the meantime, our Connect with a Pro section will help you connect with a reputable licensed financial professional in your area to choose which specific investments are best for you.

How is WizeFi different from other budgeting apps?

WizeFi does not consider itself a budgeting app, it's a wealth-building software. 


While budgeting apps focus on spending/tracking (i.e. making it easier to see how much you spent on groceries in the past month) WizeFi focuses on how the amount you spend on groceries affects your future net worth potential. Of course, the scope of WizeFi's features are not just limited to grocery spending–it will show this analysis for all categories of the budget, as well as give you a guideline for what amount is best to spend in each category. You should use whatever spending tracking method works best for you in conjunction with WizeFi.

How is WizeFi different from Acorns, Personal Capital, RobinHood, etc?

WizeFi is not an investing app. It does not sell investments nor connect to any of your investment accounts. WizeFi is a start-to-finish wealth-building software that maximizes your future net worth potential by making the most of all of your money: your income, assets, debts, budget, and investment accounts. 


It's recommended to use an investing software or professional in tandem with WizeFi to ensure that your investments are also being maximized.  

Does WizeFi integrate into my bank account?

No, WizeFi does not yet offer bank integration. Although this feature is planned to roll out in a later version, WizeFi operates on a firm belief that financial responsibility requires actually looking at your bank statements and examining documents like life insurance policies.

Can I cancel my WizeFi subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your WizeFi subscription at any time by going to the settings page of your account. We'd hate to see you go, but understand that reducing monthly payments is sometimes necessary.


If you have affiliate earnings, canceling your account will also cancel your affiliate earnings.