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October 3, 2017


Contact: Sean Allen

                CEO and Founder 



New Software WizeFi Will Help You Reach Sustainable Wealth Quickly

Groundbreaking personal finance software provides a customized plan to live solely off of your assets as fast as possible


SAN LUIS OBISPO, California – WizeFi, a groundbreaking personal finance software that helps you make the most of your money and rapidly eliminate debt, launches today on


The software was created to assist in the elimination of the massive amount of consumer debt and solve the retirement unpreparedness problem, with a goal of helping people reach and live their ideal lifestyles.


The average American needs approximately $740,000 to retire. Despite having earned about $1.3 million in their working years, 85% have less than $500k and 50% have less than $100k. With WizeFi, these same people could have entered retirement with $1.3 million.


WizeFi’s unique algorithms will analyze a user’s inputted financial information to calculate and project their future net worth if they continue spending the way they are spending now. Then, it will show what their future net worth could be after following WizeFi’s personalized spending guideline and proven 4-step plan.


By providing a plan to reach sustainable wealth, WizeFi shows users exactly what it will take for them to be able to live their ideal lifestyles. That means having the ability to live solely off of productive assets–and therefore, the ability to do the activities they love with the people they love without the time constraints of a full-time job.


The WizeFi team is led by founder and CEO, Sean Allen. He is a financial expert with over 27 years of experience founding, owning, and operating seven multi-million dollar companies ranging from professional financial software to advising and investing. The development team includes tech veterans who developed mobile support technology for T-Mobile, among other projects.


Notable features of the software include:

  • Future net worth projections: By comparing future net worth based on a user’s current lifestyle to their future net worth if they follow WizeFi’s plan, users will be able to see the direct benefits of spending money intentionally.
  • Debt prioritization: WizeFi will tell users how much to pay on each debt, which debt to pay off first, and project dates that tell users when they will be debt-free.
  • Personalized spending guideline: Consumers know they need a budget, but don’t know how much to spend in each budget category. WizeFi gives consumers a breakdown of the optimal amounts to spend in each category each month.
  • 4-step wealth building plan: WizeFi will tell you how to use your cash flow build wealth as fast as possible. The four steps are building an emergency fund, paying off debt, saving, and investing.


“WizeFi is a great product–it’s a proven wealth-building software that really works. But I want us to be known for our mission. We think WizeFi will change lives–change communities, even, through something so simple as helping people organize their money.” -Sean Allen, CEO


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WizeFi is a personal financial software that helps you reach sustainable wealth as quickly as possible. Using unique algorithms, WizeFi will show exactly how your spending affects your future net worth and provide a plan to increase it by an average of $250,000. Our groundbreaking features give users comprehensive insights into the best ways to manage their money, all for just $8 per month.


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