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We've gathered some stuff you might need when writing about WizeFi.

About WizeFi

WizeFi is a new personal finance software that helps users eliminate debt quickly in order to live their ideal lifestyles. Using unique algorithms and innovative tecnology, WizeFi is able to optimize nearly all of your financial deccidsions whether that’s deciding which debt you should pay off first or providing a guideline that recommends how much to spend on each budget category per month.

WizeFi publically launched in October 2017 and is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA. We are driven by a small (but passionate) team and each one of us believes we are building a software that has the potential to change the world. To hear more of our story, watch this video.

Facts & Figures


The amount WizeFi improves a user's potential future net worth, on average. 


WizeFi users pay off their debts 50% faster than if they continued on their current paths.  

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Our Leadership


Sean Allen


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Jeff Foster


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Jonathan Allen

Director of Product Dev.

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