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July 10, 2018


Contact: Jonathan Allen

               Director of Product Development


New Software WizeFi is Your Start-to-Finish Wealth-Building System

Groundbreaking personal finance software provides a customized plan to reach financial freedom as fast as possible

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California – WizeFi, a groundbreaking personal finance software that provides a start-to-finish-wealth building system, launches out of beta today on


In Version 1.0, WizeFi has significantly improved software user experience and added two important features: WizeFi University and a resource hub.


WizeFi’s beta launch took place on October 3rd, 2017. The company accepted just under 500 people as beta testers and conducted intensive testing with a focus group of ten users. On average, members improved their future net worth potential by $300,000.


Notable features of Version 1.0 include:

  • WizeFi University: A platform that features the CEO putting complex financial ideas into layman’s terms. Courses available now include training on WizeFi’s software, with courses on getting out of debt and building an affiliate business soon to release.


  • Resource Hub: An ever-growing hub of knowledge that gives users strategies to walk and talk like a wealthy person. Contains information on debt, budgeting, insurance, assets, and side-hustling.


  • A custom financial plan: WizeFi will analyze your financial profile and tell you the most strategic amounts to spend each month in each budget category. Then, it will tell you how much money to put towards wealth-building activities like saving, paying off debt, and investing.


WizeFi was created to assist in the elimination of the massive amount of consumer debt and solve the retirement unpreparedness problem. It aims to do this by unifying technology and education, providing both the tools and knowledge to improve members’ financial security.

The WizeFi team is led by founder and CEO, Sean Allen. He is a financial expert with over 27 years of experience founding, owning, and operating seven multi-million dollar companies ranging from professional financial software to advising and investing. The development team includes tech veterans who developed mobile support technology for major wireless carriers, among other projects.


“WizeFi is a great product–it’s a proven wealth-building software that really works. But I want us to be known for our mission. WizeFi is on a mission to create a new generation of people who are able to reach sustainable wealth and live their ideal lifestyle.” -Sean Allen, CEO

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WizeFi is a wealth-building system that helps you reach sustainable wealth as quickly as possible. Using unique algorithms, WizeFi will show exactly how your spending affects your future net worth and provide a plan to increase it by an average of $300,000. Our groundbreaking features give users comprehensive insights into the best ways to manage their money, all for just $8 per month.


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