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The WizeFi Ambassador program hosts a small group of very talented individuals and as such, deserves proper benefits and rewards, which can be found in the modules listed below.

Private Mastermind Group

Now that you are about to complete the WizeFi Ambassador Onboarding course, you will are given access to our private Facebook group, only available to WizeFi Ambassadors. In this group you will be able to:

  • Communicate directly with the CEO.
  • Interact with other Ambassadors to learn from each other's wins and rocks and how to overcome them.
  • Learn directly from the CEO as he posts strategies, tips, and trends he sees in the market.

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Each week you can join the WizeFi Ambassador Mastermind group for 1-hour calls with the CEO. Join the private group with the button in the module above to access the weekly calls

First Access

As a WizeFi Ambassador, you will always have first access to any course/product releases.


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WizeFi Ambassador Elite Course

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