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Key Takeaways

  • At this point, you have learned how WizeFi is designed to help you make the most of the money you currently have, but it also helps you make more money if you choose. From 27 years of experience and thousands of clients, we know that sometimes you can be doing everything you can with your finances, but you simply need to make more money. That's why WizeFi created an affiliate program–where you earn money by sharing WizeFi.
  • Many businesses today (such as Amazon) are taking advantage of a marketing strategy called affiliate marketing (also known as referral or influencer marketing). How it works:
    • You promote a product/service with your custom affiliate link.
    • Someone clicks and purchases a product
    • The company pays you an affiliate commission.
  • WizeFi recognized affiliate marketing as being the best form of marketing to help our members because it gives you a way to earn more income and it's most effective for us as a company (both in cost and our mission to help people make the most of their money).
  • We believe our affiliate is more unique than 99% of the affiliate programs out there. To learn what makes our affiliate program so unique and how it works, check out the links in the Resource module below. And be sure to check out your affiliate page, which you can navigate to in the menu.


Affiliate Marketing: is when a person or company markets a product or service and earns a commission from the company that owns the product or service.


Affiliate Link: is the custom link you share in order to receive an affiliate commission. (Example:


Affiliate Handle: is the name that is unique to you, at the end of the affiliate link. In the example above, the affiliate link is The affiliate handle would be freedom.


Use the link below for strategies for making the most of your affiliate link with our Resource Hub:


Goal: create your custom affiliate link to begin sharing.

To create your custom affiliate link, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the button "Claim your affiliate handle".
  2. Choose your custom affiliate handle by entering your desired affiliate handle into the field that appears.
  3. Click the button "Copy" next to your affiliate link to begin sharing.
  4. You can find your affiliate link by choosing "Affiliates" from the menu. Your affiliate link will be located in the top module.

Course Complete!

Congratulations on completing the WizeFi Platform Training Course. You're now ready to fully explore what WizeFi has to offer. Refer to the last step for all of our current features. The best thing to do next would be to join our community by choosing "Community" from the menu. Stay engaged, continue learning, and we promise to help you make the most of your money and make more money!