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Key Takeaways

  • If your blue line is below the purple line, that's okay. It usually takes a while to be able to implement new financial strategies, get into new habits, make the extra income you need, or simply learn how to cut back more. Just remember, every financial decision you make from this day forward is either increasing or decreasing your net worth
  • In order to best utilize WizeFi to increase your net worth monthly, be sure to:
    • Use WizeFi University to further your education with advanced courses. We'll be publishing content often. Remember, building wealth is not a passive exercise, but WizeFi is here to make it as easy for you as possible with nearly 30 years of financial expertise.
    • Update your Plan by updating your balances and adjusting your spending each month until you find the most ideal budget that you can stick to for creating wealth and allows you to still enjoy your life. After the setup phase you will be able to update your balance by following these instructions:
      • Click "Plan" from the menu.
      • Click "Plan: [current month]" located at the top of your screen.
      • Choose which month you wish to adjust.
      • Click "Accounts" located in the upper right.
      • Choose which account type you wish to update.
      • Click the vertical triple dots of the designed account subcategory.
      • Enter your new balance in the grey field that coincides with "Account Balance".
      • Click "Close".
      • Repeat this process for all accounts you wish to update.
    • Earn money sharing WizeFi. WizeFi has one of the most unique affiliate programs, designed for affiliate marketers or even those just wanting to share with their family and friends. More details in the next step.
    • Refer to our Resource Hub for strategies on making the most of your money that pair with our software by category.
    • Connect with a Pro when you need a little professional help. WizeFi is designed to help you do as much on your own as possible, but sometimes you need that personal touch and niche-narrowed wisdom.
    • Join the Community. Learn and share with people like you. We'll be posting regularly on various topics and would love to hear from you.
    • Message WizeFi. Don't forget that in the menu there's an option where you can ask a question at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also provide help articles through an AI bot to make your support experience the best we can.


Grey Line: represents your future net worth potential if you continue your current spending habits.

Purple Line: represents your future net worth potential if you follow WizeFi's customized plan for you.

Blue Line: represents your new (current) future net worth potential after adjusting your spending habits.

Dashed line: is a visual representation of the net worth required to reach sustainable wealth.

Timeline: is based on when you can potentially reach sustainable wealth. In other words, it's when your purple line will cross the dashed line.

Sustainable Wealth: is the measurable point at which you reach financial freedom. This defined number (custom to you) is represented by the dashed line on the graph. The sustainable wealth column represents how many years until the respective path reaches sustainable wealth.

Age: is how old you will be when you reach sustainable wealth, for each respective path.

Debt Paid: is the number of years until your consumer debt or all your debt is paid off (depending on which tab you are viewing).


Financial Freedom: the feeling you get when you no longer have to rely on your job for income.

Sustainable Wealth: the measurable point at which you reach financial freedom.


Click all three tabs at the top (net worth, assets, and liabilities) to get a full scope of your new future.