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Key Takeaways

  • WizeFi's program is structured around getting you to sustainable wealth as fast as possible. This is measured by getting your finances to a place where you're able to live off of the income from your investment portfolio, specifically–productive assets. This step is focused on putting as much income as possible towards your wealth-building strategy.
  • WizeFi's guideline recommends 20% of your income goes towards your 4-step wealth-building plan and 80% towards your budget. That 20% is your wealth-building dollars and we refer to it as CAFR (Cash Available For Reallocation).
  • The more CAFR you have each month, the quicker you can reach sustainable wealth.
  • The spending guideline is based on 20 years of spending habit data for an average family of 4. Remember, the guideline is a recommendation we've found to be most effective. Ideally, 20% of your income would be applied towards your 4-step wealth-building plan.


Financial freedom: the feeling you get when you no longer have to rely on your job for income.


Sustainable wealth: the measurable point at which you reach financial freedom


CAFR: Cash Available For Reallocation. Income - Budget = CAFR. CAFR is applied to your 4-step wealth-building plan (the guideline CAFR amount is 20%).


Use the link below for strategies for making the most of your budget with our Resource Hub:


Use the link below to connect with a professional or apply to be a WizeFi professional:


Goal: create as much CAFR as possible by reducing how much you spend in each budget category. Refer to the guideline (in purple) as a target total for each budget category.


Follow the instructions below to begin adjusting your budget and creating CAFR:

  1. Click the budget category you wish to adjust.
  2. Adjust the subcategory amount by entering a new number in the grey field along the right.
  3. Notice your CAFR meter adjusting.
  4. Repeat this process for each budget category you wish to adjust.