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Key Takeaways

  • Credit card companies are yielding an average return of 29%, but an average investor works hard to yield 8-12% annually.
  • WizeFi get's people out of debt 30% than any other program (according to 26 years of internal data).
  • Debt is the #1 killer of wealth.
  • There are two types of interest–The kind you earn and the kind you pay. You can't reach financial freedom if you're paying more interest than you're earning each year.
  • There are two types of debt:
    • Productive debt
    • Non-productive debt


Productive Debt: is debt that can help you grow your net worth and your monthly income. Productive debt is used to purchase productive assets (examples: using a real estate loan to buy an investment property or a business loan to buy a business or piece of equipment for your business).


Non-Productive Debt: is debt that prevents you from growing your net worth. Credit card debt and auto loans are the most common types of non-productive debt. And contrary to opinion, student loan debt is also non-productive debt.


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Follow the instructions below to record your liability accounts:

  1. Click "add liability account" and choose your account type.
  2. Fill out each field accordingly and then click save.
  3. Continue this process until you've added all your liability accounts.